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    Food Trucks Can Benefit from Vehicle Wraps

    If you own and run a food truck, you already know you’re part of a hot new craze. In 2015 alone, there was $1.5 billion worth of revenue from food trucks, and that number is only expected to increase. While you as a food truck owner may know how to make all sorts of delicious food, from slow-cooked pulled pork to ice-cold, refreshing herb-infused lemonade, you may not know that much about advertising your tasty offerings. That’s where vehicle wraps come in.

    Vehicle wraps are a fun and eye-catching way to advertise whatever your food truck business serves up. They can be either a full vehicle wrap, for an immediate and impressive impact, or a partial vehicle wrap, which can be a more affordable and subtle option. Read on to learn more about the opportunities vehicle wraps for food trucks can create.

    Go Big and Bold with a Full Vehicle Wrap

    There are times when you need to make a daring, bold and unforgettable statement. If you want to stand out from the crowd, a full vehicle wrap can be a striking choice. With bright colors and a strong logo, a full vehicle wrap will get you noticed and get you the customers you want. For those food trucks offering what some call “slow” fast food, or perhaps kid-pleasing ice cream and other sweet treats, this is an excellent choice. Go big or go home, as they say.

    Partial Vehicle Wraps—A Refined Option

    Depending on your brand’s message and what you as a food truck owner make in terms of food or drink, you might choose instead to go with a partial vehicle wrap. For example, this could mean that your food truck will only be half-covered with the vehicle wrap. Even just covering 25 percent of the food truck could be a profitable idea. It may be a wise option for you, particularly if your brand offers a finer cuisine experience, like artisanal soft drinks or custom-made cupcakes.

    Make Vehicle Wraps Part of Your Food Truck Experience Now

    Whether it’s a full wrap or a partial one, your food truck will only benefit from a custom-made, expertly-designed vehicle wrap. It’s an exciting way to advertise your delectable, mouth-watering offerings to your loyal customers, as well as entice new ones to come and try your food. Call or email Black Dog Signs for a free quote, and get that cool-looking vehicle wrap you’ve been dreaming of today.

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