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    Color Choices for Signs: We Can Help!

    Color is an important aspect of any sign, whether it is an interior lobby and logo sign, a bright LED sign that lights up the night or an exterior cabinet sign. While as a business owner, you may know what message you want your sign to send, sometimes choosing the perfect color for the sign is a little tricky and overwhelming. There are so many options! But don’t worry; this post happens to be all about basic color theory. Read on to learn more about color schemes and signage.

    Opposites Attract

    According to basic color theory, complementary colors are colors that are opposites of each other. Think about how red and green are the Christmas colors, for example. These complementary colors are a great way to make your sign pop so people will see it and pay attention to it. Blue and orange are complementary—the deepness of the blue makes the brightness of the orange even brighter. In this example, your sign could have a dark blue background with bright orange lettering. This will certainly be an eye-catching sign.

    Color Buddies: Analogous Colors

    The colors that are right next to each other on the color wheel are called analogous colors. An example of these “color buddies” are red, red-violet, and violet. These colors can be used in combination with each other on signs for a cool gradient effect. This effect is more subtle than the complementary colors, so it’s a good choice for sign backgrounds. You could even use these gradient colors to color a lobby or logo sign, if it fits the brand of your company. Imagine a green that fades into a deep blue, perhaps for a fishing supply company. It would make for a fascinating and compelling look.

    Contrast for ADA Compliance

    Another critical part of signage is ADA compliance, and color is an important aspect of that. Signs that must be ADA compliant should have high dark-to-light (or vice versa) contrast, so people with vision impairments can easily read them. You can achieve this effect by using a simple black or dark blue background with crisp white lettering. It looks good, and can be read by everyone.

    Choose the Right Colors for Your Sign

    Every business has its own unique signage needs, and with that, comes unique color scheme needs, from branding to backgrounds. Let Black Dog Signs be your go-to for sign color consultations. Get a free quote now!

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