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    How to Choose the Best Marketing Sign for Your Brand

    Ordering sign for your brand that will have some marketing panache takes more than picking out something out of a catalog and placing the order.

    In fact, there are several critical decisions you must make if you want your sign to stand out and market your company effectively.

    Embrace the Power of Signs

    Studies show that adding or changing signs can dramatically increase your sales revenue. In fact, for a retailer, replacing your storefront wall sign with a larger one increases sales by 7.7 percent. Adding just one monument sign improved business in the food service industry by 9.3 percent.

    Steps to the Perfect Sign for Your Marketing Brand

    While most of your marketing efforts focus online, be sure your signs are powerful and make an impression by:

    • Note the Calling Card: Exterior signs are the calling card of your business. So, think about what would make the best impression on the exterior of your business. You want a sign that stands out, but is still easy to read.
    • Keep Interior Informational: Signs posted on the interior of your business are more informational. Just bear in mind, your signs must follow the Americans with Disabilities Act
    • Use Promotions: To highlight promotions or special deals you have, include promotional signs on the inside. Window graphics are also an excellent way to promote services and savings opportunities.

    Order the Right Set of Signs for Marketing Your Brand

    Whether you need interior signage or exterior signs, the color and print quality of those signs will make a different.

    Black Dog Sign Company has a variety of signs, wraps, and promotional materials so that you can market your brand effectively.

    Contact Black Dog Sign Company at 404-456-9193 or click below to request a quote.

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