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    Carved and Sandblasted Signs Make an Impact

    If you want a distinguished, elegant and bold sign for your business or organization, a carved or sandblasted sign is an excellent choice. While these signs require a little more effort and time on the part of the sign maker, they can be a beautiful option if your budget allows it.

    These are generally exterior signs, which means you can use them to make a strong, immediate statement that won’t soon be forgotten. Place these signs at the front of your property for best results. Carved or sandblasted signs are a great opportunity for companies who wish to present their stately and refined brand to the greater public.

    There are several different and important aspects of carved or sandblasted signs. Let’s look at a few of them.

    Carved Signs

    Carved signs are carefully and painstakingly chiseled with your company’s name, brand or logo. The indentations made by the chiseling equipment are painted to make your message stand out even more, then finished with a clear protective coat to give your carved sign a classy, polished look. It takes some time, but it’s well worth the effort.

    Sandblasted Wall Signs

    Sandblasted Signs

    Sandblasted signs work a little differently than carved signs. In this type of sign, the lettering, logo, or design stands out from the rest of the material in a raised fashion. This gives your message a bold and sharp look with clean, crisp lines. A sandblasted sign is a very professional-looking option, and would be a great choice for a large, well-established law firm or doctor’s office.

    What Type of Material to Use

    You may wish to use wood for your carved or sandblasted sign—we recommend cedar or redwood, because these are durable yet easy to carve or sandblast. Or you can choose a high-density urethane (HDU) plank, which can be just as striking and stately without the potential to wear, fade, or crack. However, whatever material you plan to use, make sure it is appropriate for your company’s brand message. Classic and simple polished wood might be better for family-run contractor businesses, while HDU planks can be a good decision for larger companies.

    Get Your Perfect Carved or Sandblasted Sign Now

    Carved or sandblasted signs are an attractive option for many businesses, and could be perfect for yours as well. Let Black Dog Signs be your source for your perfect carved or sandblasted sign. Call today for a free quote.

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