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    Boost Morale in Your Office with Mounted Prints

    These days, it seems like many workers suffer from low productivity, often owing to long hours and heavy workloads. People seem more stressed than ever at their workplaces, and this obviously doesn’t bode well for business if this is the case at your company. What do you do?

    Maybe you’re wondering how on earth you could improve productivity and boost morale without breaking the bank. Believe it or not, there is a solution to your woes. Mounted prints are an excellent way to help your workers get back on track and feel inspired. They can be solid prints, abstract prints or scenic prints and can also contain inspirational quotes and branding. This makes them a great choice for any office looking for that extra spark.

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    Option # 1: Scenic Prints

    Scenic mounted prints can really help calm and soothe visitors and employees alike. This type of print contains a beautiful picture of a serene forest, lake or other natural monument. You can place these images along the hallways of your building, or in waiting rooms for visitors. They’re a good way to get a taste of the outdoors in an office setting, especially if there are few windows. This will help inspire your employees as well.

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    Option # 2: Abstract Branded Prints

    These could be good for meeting rooms or offices where you need the walls to do the talking for you. Simply design a mounted print with your brand’s logo or company motto on it, then hang it on whatever wall you want it to go on. The abstract design will be visually appealing to look at, and you also get low-cost advertising without having to open your mouth.

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    Option # 3: Solid Prints

    A solid mounted print would be best in a waiting area. Choose shades of green, which is known to soothe people. This way, your visitors won’t be too nervous as they wait for you. Avoid red, which can encourage both appetite and passion. Blue can be a nice choice, but be aware that it’s be shown to keep people awake and alert. It could be a wise choice for some offices, but not for others.

    Get Quality Mounted Prints

    Once you’re ready to order your professional-looking, custom-made mounted prints, give Black Dog Sign Company a call. We are an experienced sign shop who would love to hear about your next project. Contact us today for a free quote.

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